Midnight Stone


1704 Midnight stone LVT flooring is noticeable for its deep, earthy tones. The exceptionally intricate design of this stone-effect tile creates an enormous sense of depth and realism. The dark hues would add a modern look to any commercial interior and yet unlike real stone is soft and quiet underfoot.

Technical Specification


EN ISO 10582 PVC Heterogeneous

Surface Treatment


Plank Size

300mm x 600mm

Per Box Qty and SQM

22 tiles per box 3.96m2

Straightness & Squareness

EN ISO 24342 ≤0.35%


EN 685 Class 23/33/42

Overall Thickness

EN ISO 24346 2.5mm

Wear Layer Thickness

EN ISO 24340 0.55mm

Wear Resistance

EN 660-2 T

Residual Indentation

EN ISO 24343-1 ≤0.1mm

Dimensional Stability

EN ISO 23999 ≤0.25%


EN ISO 23999 ≤2mm

Colour Fastness to Light

EN ISO 105-B02 ≤6

Castor Chair Test

EN ISO 4918 No Change

Fire Classification

EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1

Impact Sound Insulation

EN ISO 10140 2db

Thermal Resistance

EN 12664 0.0092m2/kw

Chemical Resistance

EN ISO 26987 No Change

Slip Resistance

DIN 51130 R9 36+

Underfloor Heating

Suitable to 27C


15 years heavy commercial

Price 50.49+vat Box, 12.75m2+vat
Specification and Cleaning  

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