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          Polysafe Hydro


Polysafe Hydro

  • BRE Global A+ Rated Product (Certificate No: ENP 336) in major use areas such as healthcare & education
  • Agrément rated, raised emboss safety flooring, suitable for barefoot and continually wet areas
  • 8 light, aqueous colourways suited to use area - achieving equal to or greater than 36 on the RRL Pendulum wet test (TRL Rubber)
  • Quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles incorporated throughout the full thickness of the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot. Slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.

Further information

Polysafe Hydro Polysafe Hydro Specification
Roll (40m2) £15.38m2+VAT
Cut Length £17.95m2+VAT


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